The World's ULTIMATE Library

Is this the world's ULTIMATE library? Stunning photographs show inside the futuristic new building which houses 1.2million books
The Tianjin Binhai Public Library is deliberately designed to look like a 3D eyeball and opened this month
Created by trendy Dutch firm MVRDV, the stunning five-story building is part of a wider cultural complex
Epic 33,700-square-metre building was completed just three years after the very first architectural sketch

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  • They are usually old, dusty places with little design appeal.
  • But a cutting-edge architectural firm from Denmark is fast redefining how we see the humble library - as their latest project has proven, this week.
  • The Tianjin Binhai Public Library, located in northeastern China, was recently unveiled by MVRDV to widespread interest after a three-year process.
  • Their work, which is helping to build a cultural complex in the city of Tianjin, has resulted in a five-story creation which is deliberately designed to look like a human eyeball.
  • Spanning an enormous 362,744 square feet of space, the terraced shelves are built into the walls where they create both stairs and seating areas.
  • Impressively, it boasts a staggering 1.2million books, making it a bibliophile's paradise.

Would you like to have this for your next birthday? I would settle for an arranged visit. CM

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  • Bill_ColeyBill_Coley Posts: 2,332

    @C_M_ said:
    Is this the world's ULTIMATE library? Stunning photographs show inside the futuristic new building which houses 1.2million books

    That is one of the most amazing structures I have ever seen. I wonder how easy it is to find the book you're looking for?

    Thanks for passing along the link, CM.

  • MitchellMitchell Posts: 667

    Thanks for the Links CM. I hadn't heard of that library before, but it looks unique, artistic and bright inside. If it encourages more people to visit, browse, read, study, learn, then I believe it is a good thing.

  • MitchellMitchell Posts: 667

    #donotsettle visits MVRDV’s Tianjin Binhai Library

  • MitchellMitchell Posts: 667

    You Can Climb A 'Book Mountain' In This Gigantic Library In China

  • MitchellMitchell Posts: 667

    Amazing! Newly-opened library in China's Tianjin becomes internet sensation

  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,969

    Thanks, Mitch for the video links (I wanted to share, but lacked the skills). I wonder what an electronic file would look like (size and amount of data). A Book Lover's Paradise.

    PS. I pass on the link someone sent to me. Hey, truths found truths shared. CM

  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,969

    U.S. reclaims top spot for world’s fastest supercomputer

    Khari Johnson@kharijohnson June 25, 2018 12:00 AM
    TOP500 released an update to its list of the fastest supercomputers in the world, with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory leading the way. In its debut earlier this month, Summit clocked in at 122 petaflops of compute power on High Performance Linpack (HPL), a benchmark used to rank supercomputers ranked on the TOP500 list.

    Summit uses more than 27,000 Nvidia graphics processing unit chips (GPU), and five of the seven fastest supercomputers in the world utilize Nvidia GPUs — like the Tesla V100, which first made its debut in May 2017. Summit has already been used to do things like apply machine learning in the search for genetic links between diseases or explore materials that can be used for superconductors.

    “When we first started talking about the original Tesla K80 back in 2015, we were only contributing about 11 percent of the list that year, if I add up all the computational horsepower on the top of the list,” Nvidia VP Ian Buck told VentureBeat. “This year, the majority of 56 percent of the computation on the list is coming from GPUs, and this really talks to the adoption of accelerated computing, of using GPUs for solving the kinds of problems and building the kinds of systems that are necessary to advance computing.”

    Also new to the list is Sierra. Housed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sierra is now ranked the world’s third-fastest supercomputer, with 71 petaflops of compute power.

    Both Summit and Sierra were built by IBM and include IBM Power9 CPUs.

    The TOP500 updates its ranking of top supercomputers every six months.

    The new rankings were announced today at the International Supercomputing Conference being held this week in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Also announced today, Nvidia released nine new GPU Cloud computing containers to make it easier to work with deep learning frameworks.

    The United States regains the title of owning the word’s fastest supercomputer after years of Chinese dominance.

    China’s Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer and its 93 petaflops of compute power are powered by the Sunway SW26010 processor. Based at the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, China, the supercomputer had been the top ranked supercomputer in the world for the past two years.

    Titan, which also uses Nvidia GPUs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, comes in at seventh-fastest in the world. Titan was ranked the fastest supercomputer in the November 2012 edition of the TOP500, but that title belonged to Chinese supercomputers from 2013 until now — including Tianhe-2, a supercomputer developed by China’s National University of Defense Technology.

    For the first time ever, in TOP500 rankings last fall, China surpassed the United States in total number of ranked supercomputers, 202 to 143.

    That trend continued in the latest report, with the number of ranked U.S. supercomputers falling to 126 as China’s total climbs to 206.

    China and the United States are followed in the largest number of ranked supercomputers by 36 systems in Japan, 22 in the United Kingdom, and 21 in Germany.

    Many of the world’s supercomputers are being used by governments to do things like carry out high performance computing and train deep AI models with massive amounts of data. For example, the world’s fifth-fastest supercomputer and fastest in Japan is named Artificial Intelligence Bridging Cloud (AIBC).

    Will this computer handle the content of this library? CM

  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,969

    Where are the largest libraries in the world?

    Largest libraries in the world

         Name                            Country                            Location
    • British Library / United Kingdom / London & Boston Spa

    • Library of Congress / United States / Washington D.C.

    • New York Public Library / United States / New York

    • Library and Archives Canada / Canada / Ottawa

    18 Libraries Every Book Lover Should Visit In Their Lifetime

    • The Admont Library in Admont, Austria. ...
    • George Peabody Library in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. ...
    • The Royal Library Of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark. ...
    • Musashino Art University Library in Tokyo, Japan. ...
    • Boston Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

    Check them out CD Users... CM

  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,969

    The oldest library in the United States

    The Darby Free Library in Darby, Pennsylvania, is “America's oldest public library, in continuous service since 1743.”

    Peterborough Town Library in Peterborough, New Hampshire, was the first tax-supported free public library not only in the United States but the world.

    What are they doing to preserve their materials? Are they available online? CM

  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,969

    Is there an answer to my questions, anyone? CM

  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,969

    What are the requirements to get access or membership to these large Libraries around the world as stated above? CM

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