KKK ... what was that really about????

Hi folks,

here's an article from P.C. Roberts (not liked by some here) about the Ku-Klux-Klan.

It contains some background information about the KKK ... I am not surprised, since I had done some study of USA history and civil war times.


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    Here is another article along similar or the same lines in light of what is currently happening

    The language may be offensive to some ...especially if they consider themselves to be part of a particular group being addressed by the author of the article.

  • Hi Wolfgang:

    I have not studied the KKK in detail, but long time ago I read something kind of stating that part of the initial intent was to protect white women who were being raped at large ratios compared to the raping of other ethnic women. And according to the article they were talking about modern statistics.

    In my personal experience, I went to the South for vacation, and went into a Target or like store, and asked a young lady if I had to leave my backpack in a custody area or if I could get it in the store, she said that I could carry it along.

    Some white youngsters walking by asked her if I was giving her trouble or bothering her. She said no, and they kept going.

    I am from Central America and can be considered tan, brown, or what you want to call it. I did think at the time of the incident that they were genuinely concerned about her wellbeing. Now, not sure what would they try to do if the lady said yes, he is bothering me... but I did not feel threatened.

    If I am not mistaken, in a tv program, it says that protecting white women from other ethnic groups males was one of the key goals of the clan, but there was a big let down when the leader raped a white women. Abuse of power happens everywhere, and for some reason, groups are not that adept at setting overwatch mechanism to prevent such.

    From some other source there was affirmations that a change was done in the clan so that they were then protecting the white race, they did not want mixing with other ethnic groups, and turned more violent, not sure how accurate is that, but is an interesting topic.

    Somewhere also there was a suggestion that film started with their short production that depicted the kkk rider as a kind of knight saving white women from other ethnic males, and that it was the beginning of the film industry, who knows also how accurate that is.

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