PA Voter Fraud PROOF


  • Bill_ColeyBill_Coley Posts: 2,332

    The article cites three cases of alleged voter fraud. A woman from Allegheny County, PA, whose ballot was submitted well after she died, someone impersonating the late (great) boxer Joe Frazier, and Will Smith's late father. Three cases. By my calculation, about 21 ten-millionths of one percent of the approximately 146 million votes counted so far. That's an impressive launch to the president's efforts to prove what I'm sure he'll call "widespread voter fraud," but before we void the recent election and schedule a do-over (at least in the states whose outcome the president wants to reverse) I think you'll need a few more cases. Say, up to at least 360 or so ten-millionths of a percent.

    And as a person who cares about words and their meaning, I have to note the serious linguistic chops of Corey Lewandowsky, a Trump campaign "senior advisor, according to the article, which quotes him as saying: "Let me just give you one concrete example, not anecdotal, but concrete example of what we believe to be valid voted fraud in the State of Pennsylvania." I have to confess that I didn't know "anecdotal" examples couldn't be "concrete" examples. Did you? I guess it's like saying four door vehicles can't be red, because, you know, if a vehicle has four doors, it can't be red, and if the vehicle is red, it can't have four doors. Right? So, if an example is "anecdotal," it can't be "concrete" because... well... just look it up! I'm sure Corey knows!

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