The Serpent in Genesis 3: An ordinary Snake or A Supernatural Animal?

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Genesis 3 speaks of a snake:

  1. What kind of serpent (snake) was it?
  2. Was it a supernatural being or animal?
  3. Was it an ordinary snake?
  4. In light of the biblical account, does the serpent talk or Eve hear voices?
  5. What other features did the snake in Eden processed or was able to do?
  6. Did God make all snakes as above and take some things away from them?

By this account, humans didn't fear snakes back then as they fear them today, by most people. Read the complete account about the serpent (Gen. 3:1–4, 14–16). Why are snakes feared today? Is there a message or lessons we can learn in the NT from the serpent's activities in the OT? CM


  • Genesis 3 speaks of a snake:

    1. What kind of serpent was it? Your analysis of this particular passage is superficial, you want to split hairs over an issue which is irrelevant in comparison to the real teaching which is being conveyed. So why be bothered about a point which distracts from the lesson to be learned?
    2. Was it a supernatural being or animal? This creature was super-natural, meaning it had abilities and knowledge distinguishing it from the rest of the animal kingdom, and it could be, this was the adversary's first attempt at creating counterfeit life himself.

    The rest of the questions you posted are redundant, because they can be answered and summed when answering the first two questions.

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