Your recommendations for Christology-related Old Testament texts, please

Since July 2019, the Sunday group Bible study I lead has examined more than 400 New Testament passages in pursuit of insight into the question of whether Jesus was God. We expect to complete our NT review, now more than 100 sessions in duration, by the end of this calendar year and then move to the Old Testament. So I request your recommendations for relevant Old Testament texts.

My approach in choosing what turned out to be 440 NT texts was anything relevant - whether in the comfort zone of my personal Christology (Peter's Acts 2 sermon, for example) or not (the pre-existence material, for example). I am similarly open to OT texts, my preliminary list of which currently includes around 80 texts.

I invite you to submit to this thread OT texts that you believe are relevant to Christology. There's a chance that I may already have your recommended texts on my list, but then your recommendation will simply confirm the wisdom of including those readings in our study. My objective is to include every relevant text - whatever viewpoint you think they endorse - so please suggest away. I will edit submissions only for relevance to the topic, NOT for their ease of alignment with my own views. I want any and every relevant text on our list and in our study.

Thanks in advance for considering my request.


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