Biden - 38% approval and failing

55% of Americans believe Biden is unfit for presidency.

Had I voted for him, I would repent.

Harris is almost as low.

This will serve as an interesting record to watch numbers in days to come.


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    As Biden's miserable presidency fails, some rats refuse to flee the administration's sinking ship. While that is not commendable, it is remarkable.

    Searching Google for Biden's successes didn't net much but some commend Joe for adding $1.9 trillion to American debt for the dubious Covid relief bill. Other's point out a three-percent wage increase for bottom tier wage earners, though that is probably due to Covid mismanagement and the dearth of willing workers in part due to Covid relief bill fallout. I didn't find much else, but I recall that @Bill_Coley wrote a list of what, in his thinking, are Joe's "successes."

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    John Kerry:

    Joe Biden did this because Joe Biden was completely unaware there was a problem in the first place.

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    It seems more that very many people in the USA and other places are rather unaware and even insouciant about a lot of things regarding the current "PCR test" pandemic labeled "Corona / Covid-19/ etc" ... 😪

    Thus they no longer value liberty because of "safety" ... safety from what? A "ah so devilish terrible deadly virus" which is made responsible for respiratory sickness with which 99.x% of people have no serious problems .... at the same time, far worse illnesses that should get some attention are swept under the "Covid" carpet ....

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    The Biden Regime Has a Penchant for Nazi-style Behavior

    Paul Craig Roberts

    Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal Gerald Baker reported that Biden regime Attorney General Merrick Garland has a list of “society offenders.” Fuhrer Garland intimates that bad things are in store for “society offenders.”

    Who are these society offenders? They are parents of school children who object to their kids being taught that they are racist because they have white skins and are responsible for bad things happening to black people. They are parents who question mask mandates for school children. They are parents who oppose vaccination as a requirement for attending school. They are police who refuse to enforce unconstitutional mandates. They are Republican state office holders who are attempting to regularize state voting laws to ensure only citizens who live in the state vote.

    Mr. Baker notes that Fuhrer Garland’s list does not include the million immigrant-invaders who have illegally entered the US so far this year and who will be voting in US elections despite the fact that they have no legal right to be in the US.

    ... (continue at )

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    Biden and his party are failing, floundering, flailing. Is he in the ash heap of history?

    The economy is floundering. Inflation unchecked. Yet, Democrats still swoon pie-eyed before their piper and savior.


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    Something on which forum readers agree:

    Biden = moral crisis + border crisis + energy crisis + economic crisis + social crisis + infrastructure crisis

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    Congrats on starting your first thread in CD. You appear to have found your voice. Although you seem to be a Democrat-hatingRepublican-leadingpessimistic-American, ex-president Trump-lover and believes, the last election was stolen. If I am correct, you fill perfectly the shoes of some who have passed this way.

    If this profile is correct, you're a watcher of Fox News and despises MSNBC and CNN. You weren't in CD when Trump was in office, but I am almost certain to assume what your posts and thread would have contained.

    At any rate, you and your views on the current US Administration are welcome here. "Carry on"! CM

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    Hmn ... Why did the school board seemingly cover up the rape?

    Does it have to do with "political party affiliations? Did the mostly Democrat school board coerce transgenderism on students and parents and then pretend that a teenage boy with raging hormones could really be a female, as long as he said so? and granted the boy access to the girls’ rest room, where he raped perhaps even two victims?

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