A Better Understanding of the Holy Spirit from the Scriptures

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Let's look with new eyes at the Holy Spirit. Much has been said and written, yet foolishness prevails. From a biblical view, let's settle it and help me answer the questions below:

  1. Is the Holy Spirit mere energy, power, or a thing?
  2. Is the Holy Spirit God?
  3. Is the Holy Spirit wind or an influence?
  4. What is the relationship between Christ and the Holy Spirit?
  5. What references are there to the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament?
  6. How is the Holy Spirit addressed in the Bible?
  7. What are the attributes of the Holy Spirit?
  8. Is the Holy Spirit a metaphor or a Divine Being?
  9. What are the actions of the Holy Spirit from Scripture?
  10. Are the actions of God and of the Spirit interchangeable? If so, what are they?

These and other questions on the Holy Spirit can be asked to bring clarity to the subject matter. The average Christian wants and needs to know how the Holy Spirit dwells in me if the biblical evidence shows the Holy Spirit is an intelligent Divine Being? Mine your Bibles the answers? CM


  • There is much to try to figure out about the Holy Spirit from Scripture, but why not just get to know the Holy Spirit?

    The questions above seem to assume the author has no idea who the Holy Spirit is and is trying to figure it by making up questions from references in the Bible. Seems backwards to me. Know the Holy spirit and then the references make plain sense. Throughout the relevant Scriptures, already knowing the Spirit (or not) seems to be a Biblical assumption.

  • So then , please, inform the participants here about how to get to know the Holy Spirit ... and thereby avoiding doing things backwards

  • Does no one here know?

  • Maybe we don't ? what impression do you have?

    Also, what do you the term "holy spirit" to mean in different contexts in Scripture where it occurs in the text?

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    Could it be that @byGeorge didn't understand the nature of the OPs? After all, he's new here at CD. Could the author of the questions want to give others a chance to share their views and biblical understanding on the subject matter? One would be surprised in these forums what you think is generally accepted knowledge is disbelieved and rejected. e.g., the Deity of Jesus. If this is questioned, how much more in such minds the Holy Spirit is viewed.

    So, @byGeorge , the OP is not about how much I knew on the subject, but others view. Besides, posts are answered according to people's knowledge, interest, will, and time. I hope you now understand? CM

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