Is Jesus Deity-- Part-2

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This thread is to continue as the chairman, Jan, requested.

Is God a slave or bound by his creation? Can God inhabit his creation in any form at will?

As for "Does the principle of "after its kind" for pro-creation (cp the various verses in Gen 1:11,12,21,24,25) apply not only to plants and animals..."? This was at creation. Are there different types of men and women? No.

@ Wolfgang said:

"Peter and Pentecost ... did Peter miss the most important truth concerning Christ in his sermon and get it wrong by forgetting to mention that Jesus is the 2nd person of the Holy Trinity, and that baptism should be in the name of the Holy Trinity"?

No, was it necessary?

Dave said:

I think the problem is in a person's inability to approach scripture with child-like simplicity. As we grow older we become too analytical with the bible. If it doesn't make sense we adjust it so that it does. We want to walk by sight and not by faith. But if I see Jesus as God in scripture, that settles it. If I see the Trinity in scripture, that also settles it. And I see both clearly in scripture".

Good point.

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