"Unborn" -vs- Born (Defined)

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What does the word, "unborn" mean?

What does "un" mean?

What does it mean to be born?

What the meaning of these words:

  • un-finished
  • un-known
  • un-cut
  • un-developed
  • un-likely

For starters, "un" is "prefix of reversal, deprivation, or removal (as in unhandundounbutton), Old English on-un-, from Proto-Germanic *andi- (source also of Old Saxon ant-, Old Norse and-, Dutch ont-, Old High German ant-, German ent-, Gothic and- "against"), from PIE *anti "facing opposite, near, in front of, before, against" (from PIE root *ant- "front, forehead," with derivatives meaning "in front of, before")". 

"More or less confused with un- (1) through similarity in the notions of "negation" and "reversal;" an adjective such as unlocked might represent "not locked" (un- (1)) or the past tense of unlock(un- (2))".

In short,

  1. Can something that is NOT, be?
  2. Can one murder something that is NOT?

For the serious poster, let me hear from you. CM


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    Humans don't determine what an unborn child is, GOD does and His word is clear it is a person. He knew us in our mother's womb. This is not for governments to decide. Abortion, in God's law, is murder.

  • Per Exodus 21:22-25, what is Holy Righteous God Justice for harm done to an unborn baby ?

    Baby NOT breathing on own (inside womb unborn) <> NOT alive. Thankful for many pre-mature baby births living today. Full term pregnancy NOT needed for baby to live & grow into human adult.

    Keep Smiling 😊

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    How do you define "life"?

    1. A person that's "brain-dead" and on a respirator, is s/he alive? Is this life?
    2. Is the start of something, the end of something?
    3. Is a fetus a baby or becomes a baby?

    Sober reasonings, please. CM

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    @C Mc How do you define "life"?

    Human abortions murder unborn living children with beating hearts & brain activities. AbortionMyths in Canada Myth 2 includes:

    Abortion Facts

    Science has shown that from the moment of conception the unborn child is very complex, possessing all of the genetic material he will ever have. At the earliest stage at which abortions are performed, the unborn child already has every body part he will ever have, and because his heart is pumping blood by day 21, it is possible to listen to his beating heart at that time.(1) Brain waves can be detected on an Electroencephalogram (EEG) by day forty, which is also prior to surgical abortions.(2)

    In the words of Randy Alcorn, "What do we call it when a person no longer has a heart beat or brain waves? Death. What should we call it when there is a heartbeat and there are brain waves? Life. It is an indisputable scientific fact that each and every legal surgical abortion...stops a beating heart and stops already measurable brain waves."(3)

    Thanks to modern science which includes 3-D ultrasound technology, the beginning of human life is evident. The unborn child in the womb can be observed throughout pregnancy in stunning detail. For more information on fetal development, click here.

    (1) J.M. Tanner, G. R. Taylor, and the Editors of Time-Life Books, Growth, New York: Life Science Library, 1965, p.

    (2) H. Hamlin, "Life or Death by EEG," JAMA, Oct. 12, 1964, p. 120

    (3) Alcorn, Randy. Prolife Answers to Prochoice Arguments. Oregon: Multnohma Publishers, Inc., 2000.

    @C Mc 1. A person that's "brain-dead" and on a respirator, is s/he alive? Is this life?

    @C Mc 2. Is the start of something, the end of something?

    Seem off-topic from thread title: "Unborn" -vs- Born (defined). Question 1 could be discussed in a different CD thread. Question 2 reminds me of two people (born many years ago, now deceased) whose brain activity lacked human cognition => no longer could interact with loved one: 😭

    @C Mc 3. Is a fetus a baby or becomes a baby?

    Unborn child is a better description than fetus, who has their own head (active brain waves) and heart (pumping their own blood). With medical technology advances, when can human unborn child (fetus) be pre-maturely born so child can continue living ? (age of viability outside womb)

    @C Mc Sober reasonings, please. CM

    Please explain purpose of phrase "Sober reasonings, please." as CD thread => What is Christian Debate? does not have these words:

    • Sober
    • reasoning

    Keep Smiling 😊

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