Back-to-the Bible: Doctrinal Practices that are not Biblical

C McC Mc Posts: 3,891

CD Posters,

One would be surprised to know that many doctrines espoused by denominations, religious movements, and churches are not biblical in the name of Christ or Christianity. Reading a little more on the Reformation was a real eye-opener.

Religion is when a group of people coalesce around beliefs (biblical, myths, traditions, superstitions, etc.). Unfortunately, too many non-biblical ideas have embedded themselves into religious bodies and have taken center stage. Please help me to explore them. Consider first:

  1. What are doctrines?
  2. Are they beneficial or necessary in today's religion?
  3. What is heresy?
  4. Are there heresies in the Bible?
  5. Can you list and explain some non-biblical teachings or doctrines masking themselves as God-ordained truth?

In short, getting back-to-the Bible, what are some of the modern-day heresies? CM


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