Do Christians and Buddhism share a common ground?

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I want to focus on one of the five questions raised in an old thread, August 2019,, for further understanding. That is,  Do Christians and Buddhists share some similar concepts?

  1. What can a Christian learn from a Buddhist?
  2. Why would a Christian become Buddhist?

Any thoughts? CM


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    Mr. Reformed,

    I accept the definition that "common ground" as "a basis of mutual interest or agreement". Notwithstanding, Christianity and Buddhism can't share "mutual understanding, commutuality, community, mutuality and communion? If not, what is your understanding of "common ground"?

    Does "common ground" demand that opposites or differences must not share any likes or similar veins? Give it another look, please. CM

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    I don't believe we should give any validity to false religions. Buddhists must be told they are wrong and in danger of eternal damnation if they do not repent and turn to Christ.

  • @reformed I don't believe we should give any validity to false religions. Buddhists must be told they are wrong and in danger of eternal damnation if they do not repent and turn to Christ.

    How does telling someone they are wrong help them experience יהוה Holy Righteous Love ?

    We Love יהוה because He first Loved us. Reflective question: How do we Love Well so our neighbors ask us about why we Love Well ?

    Thankful Jesus is יהוה Lord 😍 Thankful my worship of יהוה Lord God includes יהוה Father, יהוה Son, יהוה Breath the Holy as One unified God 🙏

    @reformed Why on earth would you look for common ground in a false religion?

    Loving bridge to connect their 'false' (partial truth) understanding with יהוה Truth using kind words (as human anger does not accomplish יהוה will)

    One topic of discussion could be Peace: How does יהוה Lord God Peace (Philippians 4:4-8) compare with Buddhism peace ?

    Another topic to discuss is death & resurrection: Buddha's body is still in the grave while יהוה Jesus is Alive 😍

    Some non-biblical books to read & discuss: "Heaven is for Real", "90 Minutes in Heaven", "Flight to Heaven", "23 Minutes in Hell" (as part of Buddhism teaching is based on a near death experience for nirvana insight)

    Logos 9 Basic Search of resources for ([field heading,largetext] Buddhism) WITHIN 33 WORDS (death,nirvana,peace,resurrection) included a chapter in my library that concludes:

    Christianity and Buddhism

    Attempts have been made to reconcile Christianity as a religion with Buddhism as a philosophy, separate from religion but complementary to Christianity. Such a reconciliation is impossible. Christianity cannot accept the premise that man’s problems and suffering are due to lack of enlightenment. If anything, they are due to too much enlightenment—the knowledge of evil! Man must be brought to realize, not that his real self is divinity, but that he is totally alienated from God because of sin (Eph. 2:1–3). In place of self-realization, man needs realization that a gracious and loving God took upon Himself the guilt and punishment for man’s sin (Eph. 2:13–14). Salvation is complete. It does not require “working out” through inner exploration (Eph. 2:8–10). Forgiveness through the cross of Jesus Christ is the key to peace and serenity (John 14:27). And these are gifts of God not only for the present, but are the eternal prospect of the Christian (John 14:1–3).

    Even the most non-religious form of Buddhism, Zen, not only distorts both the nature of man and the nature of God but joins classical Buddhism in grounding spiritual truth in man’s discovery, not God’s revelation. Furthermore, it fragments society by making each man an island with no responsibility toward God or other men. In short, it may distract man for a time from his problems, but it cannot deliver the certainty that rests only in the promise of God.

     Philip H. Lochhaas, Eastern Religions, electronic ed. (St. Louis, MO: Concordia Publishing House, 2000), 26.

    @C Mc @C Mc Why would a Christian become Buddhist?

    Wonder about apostacy from Loving יהוה First to idolatry (choosing to really, really, really love something more than יהוה) ?

    Also wonder about non-peaceful interactions with 'christians' (lacking יהוה Holy Righteous Love) so Buddhism peace appears less stressful ?

    Keep Smiling 😊

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