Churches Not Meeting In the Pandemic Are Unbiblical

We have a mandate from Scripture to meet. Churches not meeting in the Pandemic are forsaking their biblical duty and are no longer the true church.


  • @reformed wrote

    We have a mandate from Scripture to meet.

    Careful here ... how did the believers during the apostolic age meet? was there really a mandate for them to meet in a certain place or certain manner?

    I would say that believers met in various settings, such as within households, in common places where people already met anyways (e.g. synagogue, etc.) and did so at their own scheduling and in accordance with what was available to them.

    To clarify: I do not think that this "pandemic" has much to do with medical or health considerations, it rather has turned out to be the instrument of choice of globalist fascist elites to expand their dominion and force more and more people in societies around the world into slavery. Masks have become thee badge of obedience to the leftist slave-masters ...

  • reformed
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    @Wolfgang they most definitely met in person despite personal risk. That is the point.

  • I agree that they did ... That, however, would be possible in various circumstances today as well ... I know of believers meeting as before in hime groups, and of some congregations who meet in smaller numbers in person.

    But then. most denominational churches over here are almost "very eager" to follow regime orders and have cancelled their activities in their desire to please the political regime with whom they might well be bed-fellows

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