About Sweden and COVID-19

In previous threads, we've held discussions about the results of Sweden's decision to implement significantly fewer economic and social restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19 than did other nations. Most of those discussions were conducted without data. We now have data and they are clear.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, currently Sweden's infection rate per 100,000 population is 102.1, which is 11% higher than the next highest nation's (Luxemborg - 92.5/100,000) and eight times the average rate of all 30 other nations the Centre's data track (30 nations average = 13.6/100,000). Sweden's death rate (2.6/100,000 population) is also the highest of the nations tracked by the Centre - about 25% higher than the next highest rate (United Kingdom - 2.1/100K), and ten times the average of all 30 other nations tracked (0.27/100K).

Sweden chose not to shut down in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic - chose to keep its economy and society far more open than other European nations - and today its per capita infection and death rates are by far the highest in Europe. As I said earlier, we now have data and the data are clear.


  • WolfgangWolfgang Posts: 2,927

    Sure, what else would An agency of the European Union report ???

    They already condemned Sweden shortly after their decision to not follow the EU Hyped panic and concerted efforts to shut down the economy and lock up the population as a supposed "no alternative" to the virus infection of respiratory system ... why did they do so? Very simple and plain => they couldn't and can't afford that their draconian excessive measures in best tradition of fascist regimes might be proven to have solely been the means to drive the economy against the wall and enslave the population at large rather than achieving anything to improve the Corona situation.

    Once agian, the same manipulative "counting methods" as mentioned in other threads already .... together with not properly evaluating and comparing. Remindes me of German / EU favorable news reports with graphs and headlines of "Sweden so much worse than Germany ... look how wonderful our drastic enslaving measures have been". Well, one needed only look at the graphs and could see that indeed Germany's numbers were better, but what was not told in the text is that France, Belgium, Spain with far more drastic measures that Germany were actually far worse than Sweden. What was not told was that most of the deaths reported in Sweden occurred in senior citizen residences and other institutions providing care for elderly ... these are places persons that have nothing to do with and are outside of influence and effects of lockdown and restrictions in restaurants, public places, stadiums, shopping malls, etc.

    Enough said ... everyone continue to sleep and be propaganda flooded or else wake up and think ouside the propaganda box. Each one is sfree to chose and do whatever. Someone just today complained and reprimanded me that a I was not wearing a "face condom" as I was picking up a shopping cart outside a large grocery store ... He was wearing his "muzzle" already while driving on to the parking lot, while he was wwalking across the parking lot ... even though masks are only mandatory inside the store. So what? Some have obviously been infected by the PPV (political panic virus) in their heads and lost that part of their mind by which common sense and human experience of generations over centuries is stored. Sad, sad days, folks ....

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