"Irrefutable evidence" COVID-19 Developed in Lab

Dr Anthony Fauci's ex-employee, was jailed, finally tells all YouTube 360p

Go behind the scenes with an experienced expert, virologist who worked under Anthony Fauci,director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. She was jailed and now tells all.

Urgent, view immediately! Money, lies, and deceptions to control-- America and the world.

Bill, you can't refute this with any justification. Wolfgang, here's what you have been looking for, to make your points, once and for all. CM

PS. Users of CD, take a stand, listen to video clip. Don't hide in silence. What say ye? CM


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    @C Mc posted

    Wolfgang, here's what you have been looking for, to make your points, once and for all. CM

    hmn ... actually, I am convinced that I am making my points any time I post ... some others here have called my points "conspiracy theories" instead. I've been labeled "anti-American", someone wrote once about my "known hate for America", etc ... so what? You too have been at times "more than critical" of my posts if something didn't quite agree with your several "favorite opinions" ...

    Who are the ones exploiting - even in public statements - the current lockdown for their election fantasies?? one can only wonder what has been promised by high positioned Democrat politicians in Washington to their state governor party buddies to uphold the lockdown in order to finally crush the one who is opposing such fear and panic about a non-existent deadly threat?

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    @C Mc posted:

    Bill, you can't refute this with any justification. Wolfgang, here's what you have been looking for, to make your points, once and for all.

    And yet AGAIN you rely on dubious - no, dangerously false and misleading - sources to support your claim.

    Now you rely on a video awash in falsehoods and/or misleading assertions of fact to make... a point you apparently summarize as "Money, lies, and deceptions to control-- America and the world," whatever that means, and however that relates to your thesis that COVID-19 was "man-made."

    I have neither the time, the patience, nor the interest to debunk the myriad of falsehoods found in your latest posted video, CM.

    • When I noted that early in their video producers used footage of a heavily armed SWAT team to depict the Dr Mikovits's arrest at her home, their intentions to deceive viewers were clear to me.
    • When Dr. Mikovits claimed she had been arrested and held without being charged with any crime, but I knew from a five minute Google search that she in fact HAD been charged with a crime, HER intention to deceive viewers was clear to me.
    • When later in the video Dr. Mikovits heralded hydroxycloroquine as a constructive treatment regimen, yet I know from watching ANY objective news feed that study after study has shown the drug to be highly suspect as a treatment, and in fact is dangerous to COVID-19 patients for multiple reasons, her lack of professional credibility was clear to me.
    • And when I read her bio in Wikipedia, the case was closed.

    Debunking each of your assertions of alleged "proof" is taking me mere moments, CM. It takes me far longer to write these posts than it does to discover the core emptiness of your claims. With due respect, this is fact-checking YOU should be doing before you post such material. Instead, you choose to post without any checking, and the result is your posts receive responses to which you have no substantive response. (In one post, the sum and substance of your response to my fact-check was that you found that fictional story "plausible" and that you "don't believe" non-governmental scientists. Some proof!)

    I confess to having a small bit of admiration for the persistence of your search for evidence that supports your claims about COVID-19. But I have no more patience for the task of documenting the profoundly false and misleading content of that evidence. You're free to continue to post such stuff, of course, and to alert me that I "can't refute [it] with any justification," but going forward, I won't be responding to your every attempt. I believe YOU should be the first fact/fiction filter for your posts, not I.

  • C Mc
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    I thought when Trump first announced his run for the U. S. Presidency, many saw it as a joke and unbelievable. America is in a stupor. In countries like China, what is "plausible", is possible. I don't wish it to become a reality, but when the government is in total control, you never know. CM

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