China Says America MUST Cooperate On Coronavirus

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Warning this video is tongue and cheek and potentially highly sarcastic


  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,626

    As deadly as COVID-19 is worldwide, I agree. There needs to be cooperation with China or any country, who were in on it from the start, whether germ warfare or accident. Coronavirus is an airborne respiratory virus. CM

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    As deadly as COVID-19 is worldwide, I agree.

    Well, according to official statistics over here - even from the RKI which is government controlled - indicate that the current corona virus is NOT as deadly as other influenza virus waves have been in the past. This is not only the case for Germany, but also for other countries as well where the current corona virus also has not caused any significantly higher number of overall deaths during the time from Jan - Apr 2020 than the numbers from previous years, actually Germany's number of total deaths is less than in recent years.

    In addition, post mortems conducted in Germany on supposed "Corona virus dead" have resulted in basically NO person having died from or because of the virus, but have died because of other diseases (such as heart attacks, final stages of cancer, etc.)

    So much for the propaganda panic of the terrible deadliness of the corona virus / covid-19 .... awfully high numbers all of a sudden lose their panic factor when properly compared to averages or normal figures, etc. Eh, is the number 100 high or low? 😉

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