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In the church I serve we have shut down all worship, education, mission, and fellowship events til further notice. One of the ways I'm working to keep our people both connected and reminded during this wilderness wandering is the creation of a video series called "An Encouraging Word" to which I'm adding new episodes three times a week.

Initially I planned the series to be a collection of short devotionals targeted for our specific congregation, but I soon realized that it needed to speak to a much broader audience. Thanks to significantly increased web site content creation due to the crisis, our web host had issues uploading and processing large file size videos, so the series ended up uploaded to YouTube and then embedded back on a page on our site.

All that's to tell you that if you want a sense of how I'm offering encouragement in these challenging days, I invite you to have a look at one or more of the eight videos now published. You can find them HERE. The most recent release is always at the top of the list. [I'm brand new to video editing, so watch for the content, not the presentation!]


  • reformedreformed Posts: 2,849

    Are you streaming services or anything? I can't imagine shutting down all ministry completely.

  • Bill_ColeyBill_Coley Posts: 2,050

    @reformed posted:

    Are you streaming services or anything? I can't imagine shutting down all ministry completely.

    We're a VERY small church, whose congregation is comprised primarily - almost exclusively - of people aged 60+ (i.e. a demographic more vulnerable and at risk the virus). We initially decided to hold worship and continue ministry team meetings as long as we took appropriate precautions, but when our state's governor issued a stay at-home order, we chose to close all things down. The United Methodist Church next door to us - far larger than we - immediately shuttered all of its activities as well.

    We do not stream a service. The video series to which I provided a link in this thread's OP serves as my sermon(s) for the week. Our board held its April meeting by conference call the other night. I'm taking several other actions and developing new platforms to keep our congregation informed and connected.

    In my view, every congregation should take actions responsive to their particular circumstances and needs. That's what we've done.

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