Biden ... the past is catching up

Just saw a small video from the campaign trail of Joe Biden ... some former military man confronted the "big politician"


  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,626

    Oh, American politics! Who really cares? America economic foundation seems to be based on war and weaponry. Look at her history. The people killed in war are much and so are those killed with hand-guns and AR-15s, empowered by the Second Amendment and supported by the NRA.

    America kills within and beyond her borders. All who support war and guns share bloody hands with America. Speak up and speak out, CD! Let 2020, be the year we see clearly the sin and destruction of guns in the hands of the American citizenry. e.g. "Stand your ground Law", etc. The Christian home should be "Gun-free Zones. I am sure we all can agree. CM

  • reformedreformed Posts: 2,847

    And why should a Christian home be gun free? Scripture please. And no, we do not all agree. I have one in my home and have zero intention of getting rid of it.

    Stand by CD, if @C_M_ gives any Scripture at all it will be twisted and out of context.

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