Olympic sports and Gender

Aside from the current "corona" hype and possible consequences for the upcoming Olympics in Japan, there has been some gender topic related controversy over so-called "transgender" athletes competing in "women" competitions anad basically ruining women's sports (e.g. some Canadian cyclist, a New Zealand weight lifter, etc.)

Isn't it very revealing and telling that there are only "transgender" MALE claiming to be FEMALE who are into sports competitions in women's sports at high levels?? How come there are no "transgender" Females claiming to be Male wanting to compete in men's sports??

I would say, the facts speak for themselves ... the "transgender" matter is solely a mental matter, in which someone claims an identity of something the person actually is NOT. Such mental conditions are in other instances diagnosed as a form of insanity. Just because a "gender insane" person's behavior appears "sort of normal" (in other words, the transgender man's behavior looks like somewhat normal female; the transgender woman's behavior looks like somewhat normal male), the plain facts is that it is a totally unnormal and unnatural and actually insane behavior.

Coming back to Olympics .... should such a man be permitted to compete against women just because he "identifies" himself as a woman?? Years ago, and even now, women athletes who used male hormon treatments to 'enhance" their natural capabilities were banned for using drugs, now such a plain male athlete claiming to be a female and thus naturally having a male stature competes and "naturally" wins against any woman in his sport?


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