Where is the Real Mr. Reformed?

C McC Mc Posts: 4,404

Someone, please help me! Did someone high-jacked Mr. Reformed's CD account? Is he one person or two people? What happened to Mr. Reformed of 2019? He started a thread of his own free will in February 2019https://www.christiandiscourse.net/discussion/617/name-calling#latest. Where is this man who said...

"I wish to apologize. I have been talking with some members privately. While, I thought I had only used name-calling with situations of false teachers as Christ did, it was pointed out that I routinely do this as well for partisan political issues.

For that, I apologize to @Bill_Coley @Wolfgang and @C_M_

I also apologize to @Jan for contributing to a toxic environment and to anyone else who has been put off or offended.

I will refrain from this behavior with regard to politics in the future. Please accept my apology".

Was Reformed forced and under duress at the time of post? Regardless, Jan  Posts: 277 February 2019:

"Thank you @reformed for apologizing publicly. This kind of behaviour is what Christ expects from us, contributes positively, and hopefully sets an example for future incidents".

And then later Bill_Coley  Posts: 1,898 February 2019, said:

"I appreciate and applaud your candor, reformed. Thank you for that and for the apology".

Even the reserved and reflective Mitchell  Posts: 536 February 2019, said:

"I appreciate your attitude Reformed! Thank you for posting your thoughts and setting a good Christian example! -- Grace and Peace"

One of the Mr. Reformed responded to Mitchell, saying...

"Thanks. For a matter of accountability, I hope there has been a noticeable difference in my postings the last couple of weeks.

Mitchell followed up with...

I think there has been a very noticeable difference. Also, I appreciate that you are a Christian of conviction and passion. I hope that never changes nor fades away.

To our chagrin, the "noticeable difference" has changed and faded away like a frozen stick of butter and a rose in the hot desert sun. I am not a mental hygienist, authorized to diagnose him, or recommend any treatment; so, I would limit myself to ask questions ("run in my lane"):

  • Can Mr. Reformed help himself to refrain from name-calling?
  • Was trolling everyone at the beginning of the new year of 2019, a tactic?
  • Was he sincere or playing a game with CD Posters?
  • Is this someone else, or was it then?
  • Is Mr. Reformed, pulling a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (a gothic novella by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, first published in 1886).
  • Is he ill?
  • Is this a cyclical-behavior this time each new year (2020)?
  • Is someone impersonating Mr. Reformed?

Will the real Mr. Reformed speak to the CD Community? We like to know which of the person are you? If we can't help, at least we can pray with the understanding. CM

PS. This is not an attack. It's an inquiry to improve civility in these forums. CM


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