Panel on "Rediscovering the Importance of Biblical Languages for Faithful Ministry"

Disclaimer My posting/linking of the following video does not constitute an endorsement of the 'all' the opinions contain therein on my part. This video is hereby posted only for the sake of illustrating various opinions on the subject matter.


  • C McC Mc Posts: 3,626

    Thanks, Mitch, for uploading this video. The clip makes the point that we have so much more access to biblical languages electronically. We will not come to know everything, but we can "know some." Start with a "small portions" of the biblical languages. Start with a small group for accountability. A study of biblical languages will help us to "bear so much positive fruits." It makes the Preacher "less dangerous."

    In short, the panel is saying, in my opinion, there is no excuse for ignorance of the biblical languages, given the convenience and availability electronically. One should start slow and grow, but start. It would be a dereliction of spiritual duties as a preacher or a teacher of the Word to fail to avail yourself of biblical languages today. CM

    PS. Did you get this from the video clip?

  • MitchellMitchell Posts: 630

    Hello CM,

    I would say that the point you pickup-ed was definitely one of many points made in the clip and that this point is indeed a salient point. Today people can take and to some degree participate socially in Biblical language classes online both accredited and non credit. In the past some schools like The University of Wisconsin–Madison offered offline distance/independent learning course in Biblical Hebrew as well as attic Greek. I would say that the advancements that have been made are both a blessing and a curse depending on if one uses them wisely or if one abuses them.

    There are also a number of nifty language apps like Anki, duolingo, Memrise, and much, much, more. However, I see these as auxiliary tools rather than as a main tool for learning language.

    I like e-books (on my kindle paperwhite) and having a theological library in Accordance (I never leave home without it) and Logos Bible software.. But, I still like having a hard back printed Greek and Hebrew Bibles.

    Grace and peace

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