Guns, Guns, Guns -- Through the Eyes Of A Child -- (Part--2)

Guns, Guns, Guns -- Through the Eyes Of A Child (part-2)

For part one on "guns, guns" of 2018, see

Because of the recent shootings in America, I felt compelled to continue to point out the dangerous effect of guns on a child, especially in the classroom in Guns, Guns, Guns -- Through The Eyes Of A Child—Part-2

# 6.  The Teacher gave Us A Little Booklet Today

The Teacher gave us a coloring Book today.

It was stories of Boys and girls in a cartoon form,

Gun safety is no child's play.

In the back were some pages with names black and gray, 

that with guns, there should never to be horseplay.

All GUNS MUST BE STORED the right way.

I thanked my teacher as I have been taught to say;

she said, Oh, no, not me, it’s from the NRA.

# 7. Guns, Guns, Guns -- Through the Eyes Of A Child

Back in the day, little girls like pretty clothes and dress ups;

putting on aprons and cooking stuff.

They enjoy going on vacation; 

Drinking spring water and eating Oreos.

America, a beautiful nation!

On the other hand, little boys like guns, but the little girls just want to have fun.

Why parents have to spoil everything by bringing a gun?

# 8.  We Had A Drill Today

We Had A Drill Today.

No, it wasn't for fire, tornado or to go to play;

It was no fun. It was the teacher's gun. 

At the teacher's signal, we're to run to the back of the room;

To the inner wall next to the hall.

Behind the bulletproof shield, strong and tall.

Everyone is to be quiet; as my teacher got her AR-15 from the cupboard on the wall.

Some of my classmates think Ms. Aldler was cool like a gun moll.

She pushed a button and a steel plate covered the door;

No matter the pings and bangs implore, until the school's signal, we remain for.

We heard the all-clear bell; my teacher said, we've all done well.

Our teacher removed the clip from her gun, we return to our studies of William Tell.

But not before the teacher gave us all zinfandels*, played music and gave each a hug. CM

*Zinfandel (also known as Primitivo) is a variety of black-skinned wine grape.


  • C Mc
    C Mc Posts: 4,463

    Hey, don't knock it, Reformed. The vignettes may be your child's experience, if a teacher is carrying a gun in the school. I think you know it, deep in your heart. CM

  • C Mc
    C Mc Posts: 4,463

    # 9. The gun-rights Rally (Va, USA)

    My dad woke me early this morning, with sleeps still in my eyes;

    I turn and asked, why?

    It's the gun rally, dad replied.

    There is no school, lots of people and guns on display.

    Showered, breakfast, and into the car we go;

    Not before dad said, I've got my big moe.

    In the back, a nickel-plated 44-magnum, all shiny and clean;

    Dad said, I am ready if there are any Neo-Nazis, Arian-nations or skin-heads, mean.

    So many people, with so many guns from all around,

    Packed in one little town.

    It just take one joker, full of hate, food and alcohol,

    Or a careless handling of a gun, to spoil it all.

    We have been taught drinking and driving don't mix,

    Neither does gun and rum;

    Everyone knows that's dumb.

    I saw my teacher at the rally carrying her small gun;

    she smile at me, while chewing gum.

    My dad reached into his pocket vest and gave me a chocolate-covered mint;

    A toothless man, look at me, and said, "the second Amendment".

    For some people these words they dread;

    Because so many, beloved, today, are dead.

    Guns were made to kill, a reality so true;

    You will understand better, when it takes the life of someone related to you. CM

  • reformed
    reformed Posts: 3,176

    Ah I get it, this thread is satire.

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