Science and the Bible

Is there a relationship between Science and the Bible? For the Scriptures to be true, is it necessary for it to support science? What passages can you list to show that they supports science? I know the Bible is not a science textbook, but is there anything in it that goes beyond the spiritual? Do the Scriptures have anything to say about rock erosions, prism, nuclear fission, uniformitarianism, etc. Can the Bible be used in the science classroom?

In addition, are there any Bible-believing scientists who believed in the inspiration and authority of the Bible, as well as, the deity and the saving work of Jesus Christ? What says ye? CM


  • reformedreformed Posts: 2,572

    There is a relationship between TRUE science and the Bible. The Bible should be used in a classroom to give the account of origins as it has the account of the only single eyewitness and creator. Yes, there are many Bible-Believing scientists who get silenced by the overall community.

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