The Bible and Politics: What role did Jesus played, if any at all?

What is politics?

Does the Bible speaks of politics? If so, what are some of its earliest examples?

Was Jesus political? If so, what are some examples?

Should Christians get involved or join a political party?

Can one political stances influence one biblical views or vise versa?

Can Christian live "unstained" by politics?

What obligatory role the Christian has to get involve or to avoid politics at all cost?

These and other questions one may want to consider, to be informed, and to enlighten others. CM


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    More questions on The Bible and Politics:

    How should a Christian relate to politics? A number of perspectives have been offered regarding this relationship. These might be defined as (1) rejection, (2) paradox, (3) critical collaboration, (4) synthesis, and (5) imposition.

    Should the believer, for example, become involved in social causes, engage in political activism, or practice civil disobedience? Should a Christian vote, join a political party, or campaign for a person or party? Should he or she become an elected or appointed government official or seek to legislate morality? CM


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