What are Parables?

Jesus frequently told parables as the events were occurring. There are some fifty parables of Jesus in the Bible.

1.    Should one include the Old Testament in any examination of parables?

2.    What are the Characteristics of Jesus’ Parables?

3.    Were Jesus’ parables original with Him? If not, from whom and what source(s)?

4.    Are the parables of Jesus multidimensional?

5.    What types of parables did Jesus employed? 

6.    What links, if any, are there between the written Word of God and the parables of Jesus? 

7.    What was Jesus’ intended purpose in using parables? 

8.    Why did Jesus choose parables as his preferred method of teaching? 

9.    What process did Jesus frequently follow as He told His parables? 

10. Why were the parables of Jesus meant to conceal as well as to reveal? 

11. In which three ways did Jesus seek to teach the people about God? 

12. Are parables being used today, if so, in what settings?

What can you contribute to answering these questions and provide additional information on the subject matter? CM

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