Death In The OT

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Some want to know the origin of death, to better understand it in the NT.

  1. Death started with God or man?
  2. What is the first mentioned of death in the OT?
  3. Did death occurred before the fall of man (Adam and Eve)?
  4. What was the first human death? What was its cause?
  5. Was it due to the prohibition against eating or touching the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?
  6. What was the first actual physical death?
  7. What was the situation prior to both the animal and Abel’s death?
  8. Was man made in a state of deathlessness or immortality? If so, what proof can one point to explain this? How did man became mortal? Or, was he always mortal?
  9. In short, was death a part of God's original plan for man and earth?

Take some time to think about a reality that touches so many lives, for so long. What are your thoughts in light of biblical teachings on this subject? CM

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