Secret Server for Phone Call Is Not A Conspiracy


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    @reformed posted:

    Looks like the Obama Administration did the same thing...

    The "same thing" would be for the Obama administration to have secreted records of presidential conversations in order to protect political not national security information. That's NOT what Rice said the Obama administration did. From the article to which you linked:

    "Appearing at the Texas Tribune Festival, Rice was asked how often this practice was engaged in during the Obama administration, but did not answer that question, saying instead, “We never moved them over unless they were legitimately, in the contents classified.” Rice did not explain what standard the Obama administration used to determine what was legitimately classified. She said it is rare, although not impossible, that a presidential conversation could be classified to that highest level."

    We KNOW what the Trump administration's classified standard was: Protect the president! As Rice ALSO said in her Texas Tribunal appearance (as reported by that liberal lion FoxNews):

    "Obama’s former national security adviser said the "normal system" that holds information on similar calls is protected and classified. She said there was "no classified substance" in the Trump phone call and yet the administration "hid it on a very highly sensitive, highly compartmentalized server that very few people in the U.S. government have access to in order to bury it."

    Clearly, whatever was the specific Obama administration classification standard, according to Susan Rice its standard would NOT have secreted Trump's call to a code word classified server as did the Trump administration's standard.

    Reformed, it took me three minutes of Google searches to discover the falsehood of your claim. There is NO evidence that Obama administration "did the same thing" with records of presidential phone calls as the Trump administration has done. You linked to evidence that the Obama administration appropriately secreted transcripts of calls that contained classified content deserving of such protection. You did NOT link to evidence that Obama White House lawyers et al secreted transcripts to prevent public disclosure of the president's embarrassing, inappropriate, even impeachable, comments to foreign leaders. As you would say: Apples and oranges. Try again.

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    It didn't falsify anything. You ASSUME that the call was put on that server for political reasons. And we don't know what the Obama standards of classification were so again you ASSUME that they were a higher standard.

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    Even still Bill, the transcript was released. No cover up.

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    This is just another nonsense liberal tactic to remove a duly elected President because they were not happy with the 2016 election.

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