A Painful Departure

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Chairman Jan and fellow Brethren,

It is with deep regret that I must leave Christian Debate (formerly Christian Discourse). It is like giving up a child to adoption, after spending so much time together. Knowing that the child will live on without my input and embraces, are truly painful. Due to a domestic situation beyond my control that demands attention and major transitions. No, it's not a divorce or any illegal activity. I will miss introducing and sharing in the various topical threads. I have been enriched, influenced, and enlightened.

I appreciated, greatly, all the posters' contributions, albeit, from the sublimed to the ridiculous. Let me hasten to say, there is understanding and knowledge to be gained in every post. The topics remains interesting and their depths are yet to be mined. I pray and encourage all to continue to study and revisit past posts with new information and fresh insights; at the same time, provide new topic from the Word, the times and inspirational thoughts.

I hope I would be able to return sometimes in the future. At this juncture, this time, I know not. I don't know what the future holds at this point, but I know Who Holds The Future. If anything at all, I hope to manage a peek from time to time of ongoing exchanges.

I am not the alpha or the omega of CD. Therefore, it will survive and thrive. It has the elements and opportunity to grow in reaching its full potentials. If my departure could serve as a catalyst to attract new users, I would be made glad. If it inspire former users to return, so be it. However, let them do so with respect, humility, and with the overall Christian-view in mind. I encourage the remaining posters to be opened to God's voice, study to show yourself approve unto God, include the voice of others in your post, take time to be inspirational, be inclusive of others and allow the Bible to be the standard to evaluate all thoughts and expressions or those posing as truth.

Let me be perfectly clear, I am not leaving because I have been asked to, forced out, from boredom or disgruntled. Nor am I angry, upset with anyone, or pretending to be. I leave on my own free will, in light of the basic reason stated above. I have the upmost respect for the work, energy and efforts Jan put force to provide these forums for the serious minded-Christians and for those who pretended to be so. Thanks again, Jan for your vision, investment and tenacity. One can inspire and proclaim truth alone, but he can't debate, himself by himself. Change maybe required. Allow CD to be a living organism and not static. Do what's necessary to keep CD current and relevant . Never, let her die!

"May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all". CM


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    Thanks @C_M_ for your years of commitment to CD and its predecessor.

    I can fully relate to your comments. I had left the old CD for similar reasons, and also only sometimes came back to it - until creating the new CD.

    I know that I should have been more involved in the new CD to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated, and indeed dedicate as much time as possible to it (which is, at times, unfortunately still very little)... my own seminary studies don't leave much time for theological discourse outside the papers I have to write, and the graded discussions on the courses' bulletin boards.

    Many blessings to you @C_M_ for your new projects, tasks, ideas and endeavours.

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    I have appreciated conversing with you and I hope we can some how stay in touch God willing.

    Grace and Peace to you!

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