Western democracy ... as it really is?

Some thoughts in light of recent events, in particular involving "Western democracy" and "Western values"

How do those of us who love our country defend it when our government invades on the basis of transparent lies other countries for the sake of profit, when our government commits high treason by attacking the US Constitution, and when our government punishes truth and those who reveal truth?

Think about the rising crimes committed by US governments since the Clinton regime against the U.S. Constitution, international law, and America’s reputation. Clinton violated Washington’s promise to Russia that NATO would not be moved to Russia’s border and committed war crimes by illegally bombing Serbia and murdering 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions. The NATO vassals participated in the crimes. George W. Bush illegally invaded and bombed countries, repealed habeas corpus and asserted the power to detain US citizens indefinitely without trial or conviction. Obama destroyed Libya, tried to destroy Syria, overthrew the democratically elected presidents of Honduras and Ukraine, and murdered US citizens without due process of law. The Trump regime is busy at work murdering the First Amendment and overthrowing the democratically elected president of Venezuela.

It is extraordinary that the world accepts the extraterritoriality of US law. There is no basis for the absurd claim that the US serves as the legislative body for the entire world.

Washington announces that it has selected the president of Venezuela, a Washington puppet who not only was not elected by the Venezuelan people but has never been a candidate in a presidential election, and the announcement that Washington has chosen the president of Venezuela becomes the basis for overthrowing a democratic government. The mythical “Western Democracies” line up behind the lie in order to aid Washington in plundering a country.

This is “Western democracy” as it really is. ...

Source: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/04/15/the-fake-charge-against-julian-assange-proves-that-the-us-government-has-no-integrity/


  • C_M_C_M_ Posts: 3,230

    @CM's take:

    Don't be surprise about any of these things when it comes to America. Look at her past. The conclusion of the whole matter is simple:

    Anytime a group of people thinking their race is superior to others, add money, corruption and cowardice elected politicians, you get what you cited above. One more manifestation of "man's inhumanity to man". The depth to the level of America, is endless, as long as she can hold on to some resemblance of a constitution. To maintain power, at the end, she will ditch it, as a celibate Alpha Male in the mist of dogs having just come into heat; all in the name of defense, security, and the good of the global communities. My hope remains in God! CM

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