An issue with the CD search engine

Bill_ColeyBill_Coley Posts: 1,694

@Jan, FYI, here is the result I've been getting from searches of our forums over the last few days:

Each of those results IS a correct search result; clicking any of them produces a post in which the requested search term DOES in fact appear. But clearly there's an issue with the way the search engine is summarizing its results.


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    I hate to add my voice, bu there is a problem. It doesn't highlight the word or phase being searched. I tried to search the word, "cult" in the forums and came up dry. I know it's one more bug to address, but please do what you can to remedy this problem. CM

  • JanJan Posts: 255

    I did update the forum software a few days ago. Maybe the new display came with the update. Since the search does work fine, I'm a bit hesitant to report a bug. Let's wait and see if it's still like this after the next update.

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    Thanks for adding helpful information to this thread, Jan.

    When conducting searches on the words "Christ," "God," and "Trinity" just now, I noticed that search result summaries appear as expected as of and prior to February 9, but no search result summary appears correctly on or after February 10. Do you have a way to check the Vanilla Keystone software update history? Perhaps there was a software update on the ninth or tenth of February?

    As to CM's point, I too have had no returns on searches for words I knew could be found in forum posts. For example, a search for the word "third" for me yields no results, but a search for the word "fourth" yields several, in one of which the word "third" appears immediately before the word "fourth." So at least in my experience, there IS something amiss in the search engine. (It's odd to me that my searches for the word "cult" produce several pages of results, but again, no correctly populated summaries until posts dated prior to February 10.)

  • JanJan Posts: 255

    The big update from Vanilla 2.6 to 2.8 happened around that time. I've reported the issue to the support forum.

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