Jews, Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

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  1. What about the differences? Do they matter? Does God care what we call Him? Do Jews, Muslims and Christians worship the same God? If yes, who is this God?
  2. If no, to claim that Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the Same God:
  • Is this heresy?
  • Is this blasphemy?
  • Is this syncretism?
  • Is this the truth?
  • Or is this foolishness from the catechism of fool-ology?

Please share your thoughts. Your response may be original thoughts, quotes, passages from the Bible, scholars, notes or recalls. The amount you share is up to you. References are always welcome, but not required. Your silence on this matter, speaks as well. Responses, to me, that coincide with the Bible is most persuasive. CM



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