For those who doubt claims about the American president's dishonesty

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On occasion in these forums, a poster will dispute, always without evidence, the widespread claim that Donald Trump is the most mendacious president - perhaps the most dishonest politician - in American history. For those posters and others curious about the extent to which the president lies, HERE'S A LINK to a analysis of the president's statements about immigration, our southern border, fencing/barriers, crime in El Paso, Texas, and trade that he made on Friday when he announced his national emergency proclamation.

In my view, the cumulative impact of so many falsehoods communicated by the same American president during a single event is devastating to the cause of those who believe Mr Trump is no more dishonest than the average politician. And it is a powerful indicator of the accuracy of the Washington Post's assertion that to-date in his term of office, Mr Trump has made more than 8,000 false or misleading statements.

One of the important self-examination questions lots of followers of Jesus will have to ask themselves once Mr Trump leaves office - whether by electoral loss, resignation, impeachment, or arrest - is how their faith allowed them to support a politician who lied as repeatedly, frequently, and consequentially as Donald Trump did. Why didn't the truth set them free from their support for Mr Trump?


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