Is Anyone Safe in the Roman Catholic Church? A New Low!

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Pope Francis confirms priests' abuse of nuns included "sexual slavery"

Nuns have suffered and are still suffering sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests and bishops, and even being held as sexual slaves, Pope Francis confirmed on Tuesday. The abuse was so severe in one case that an entire congregation of nuns was dissolved by former Pope Benedict.

The scope of the abuse of nuns by clergy members first came to light with the publication at the beginning of February of the monthly magazine "Women-Church World." The edition included Francis' own take on the scandal -- long known about by the Vatican but virtually never discussed -- in which he blamed the unchecked power wielded by priests and higher clergy across the Catholic Church for such crimes.

An Associated Press journalist who first reported on the scandal last year asked Pope Francis on his flight home from the Arabian Peninsula on Tuesday whether enough was being done by the Church hierarchy to address the problem.

The pontiff conceded that it was a problem and said more action was needed and insisted the will to confront the abuse was there. He stressed that the problem was not new and that the Church has been working to address it for some time.

"It's a path that we've been on. Pope Benedict had the courage to dissolve a female congregation which was at a certain level, because this slavery of women had entered it -- slavery, even to the point of sexual slavery -- on the part of clerics or the founder," the pope conceded.

Source: Pope Francis Confirms Priests' Abuse of Nuns Included "Sexual Slavery"


CM's Take:

Pope Francis confirmation of priests' abuse of nuns included "sexual slavery" are signs of the RCC truly being a cult (e.g. Jim Jones, David Koresh [a.k.a Vernon Wayne Howell], etc.) as one user in CD made reference. I have deeply saddened anew! This is an International Crisis that demands the immediate attention of all sober-minded people of goodwill. The RCC needs an International Special Prosecutor to unearth its sins and crimes. This is an undeclared war on women (Nuns), children (ages 8-13), Young Seminarians (preparation for Priesthood-- Seems more of conditioning), payout and cover-up, and now, sex slavery. Too many people are being raped, molested, abused, and now imprisoned. This is too much even for the hardened of criminals. Oh, God, where is justice? All in the name of God, sexual slavery going on in supposedly holy places, by "holy hands" without any real oversight, accountability, of priests, prayer, parishioners in the parishes of the Roman Catholic Church. Crime and Punishment seem to be a "hiss and a byword" in the ears some in the RCC. Whatever happened to sin and crime? Where are the Popes? The very structure of the RCC demands his oversight and knowledge of activities in the institutions under of his care.

These recent revelations I thought could only be found in dark movies advertised on walls of subways and the seedy section of large cities. The sad truth is the behaviors are NOT of reports from the "Dark Ages", but of today. It must be acknowledged that former Pope Benedict XVI dissolved an entire congregation of nuns abuse of their by clergy members. Some in CD took issues with me for calling the RCC a "Holy House" -- A "Cesspool of Deviancy". A sad confirmation of a destructive truth. Could this be one of the reasons Pope Benedict XVI resigned? This is a discussion for another thread. Unfortunately, the carnage of sexual crimes exists then and continues today through active serving, unidentified, Pedophile Priests. A day of justice will come. The wheels of justice may grind slowly but her work is effective. Remain hopeful.

Many of the few in CD have displayed a deafening silence on the sexual crimes of the RCC due to affiliation and/or outright display of being complicit. This most recent revelation clearly indicates that the RCC is like the US Government Reports. Whatever they admitted too, the real situation is far worse than what is or acknowledged. If I am allowed to quote myself I would like to end this post by reasserting that the RCC needs to be shut down until there are thorough investigations, the removal, and jailing of Predator Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals. This institution is a hotbed of sexual crimes, deviance, and coverups. Why does America put up with this? Families are not safe, in any of the RCC Institutions, until the murdering of families (on the installment plan) is brought to a halt and the criminal within are removed. This is no time to be ashamed of exposure, cover-up, putting one's head in the sand, or attacking the messenger. All these things help the church cover its crimes and sins. To do so, would provide another day, another child, another Nun, another seminarian rape used and abused in the presence of Holy Texts, robes, confessionals, alcoholic wines, water, the proclamation of absolution, etc., allowing the RCC another opportunity to commit their nasty deeds. God, help the victims! CM

What can be done to hasten justice, healing, and deliverance of those who are still imprisoned physical, mentally and spiritually by RCC? CM

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