Pelosi Out of Line

Just when you thought it could not get any crazier, Nancy Pelosi has cancelled the State of the Union Address. This is simply disgraceful. I don't ever remember anything like this happening before.

There is no legitimate reason to cancel the annual address.


  • Pray for a mighty revival by God. Use Matthew 6:9-13 as a model. Thank God for the American government shutdown (while not liking nor understanding). Give Thanks anyway (since holding onto anger allows adversary to make more mess). Pray for God's Peace to rule in everyone's lives <3

    Thankful for a recent prophecy (on a different web site) about money being hard to get out of banks, which is coming true for federal government employees that lack paycheck deposits. Thankful for banks allowing mortgage/loan payment to be skipped (albeit interest still accrues so length of debt increases).

    Keep Smiling :smile:

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