Happy New Year 2019

A new day, a new year, what is God leading you to do?

"Count your blessings, name them one by one..." CM


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    Happy New Year everyone!!

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    New Year Wishes

    WHAT shall I wish for thee -
    Treasures of earth?
    Songs in the springtime,
    Pleasure and mirth?
    Flowers in thy pathway,
    Skies ever clear?
    Would this ensure thee
    A Happy New Year?

    What shall I wish for thee?
    What can be found
    Bringing thee sunshine,
    All the year round?
    Where are the treasures
    Lasting and dear,
    That shall ensure thee
    A Happy New Year?

    Faith that increaseth,
    Walking in light;
    Hope that aboundeth,
    Happy and bright;
    Love that is perfect,
    Casting out fear,
    These shall ensure thee
    A Happy New Year.

    —Charles. P. Whitford

    Charles P. Whitford's poem, "New Year Wishes", published one hundred years ago in January 1919. Whitford was born in Vermont in 1843 and died in Florida in 1931.

    Enjoy, be blessed! 2019 CM

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    The New Year is young with many new starts. Make God the center of your doings. Below is my hope for you:


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    CD Users,
    Here are a few "Emergency Numbers" for the new year. CM

    Enjoy! CM

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