Miracles: Real or Misunderstood Natural Occurrences?

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This thread grows out of a question Wolfgang raised at Posts: 1,205 October 9, 2018 thread, under the OP “Steps in Mining a Biblical Passage” in response to @C_M_ said:

Until we get there, do miracles make sense?


@ Wolfgang said: Why should miracles not make sense? Perhaps some miracles don't make sense when someone tries to understand them from an incorrect premise?

To the "un-regenerated" mind, miracles don’t make sense. Given this, I would like to know the following:

  1. What are miracles?
  2. Who can perform them? Are they only of God?
  3. When are miracles done?
  4. What are the miracles of the Bible?
  5. What conditions are necessary for a miracle to be performed?
  6. What is the first KNOWN miracle in the Bible?
  7. What is the first RECORDED miracle in the Bible?
  8. Are miracles happening today?

In sum, do miracles come about by request or are they just bestowed upon humanity? Please share your reasoning, texts, books, articles, or documents. CM

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