What denominations/faith based social circles do you feel most at home with?

What denominations, faith-based social groups, and/or affiliations do you feel most at home?
And why?


  • Dave_LDave_L Posts: 2,345

    If you visit a smorgasbord and delight yourself in a plate full of select morsels, it would illustrate how I've filled my plate from a wide swath of Christendom. So far, I don't believe everything any single group believes. But I'm enriched by the many I've come into contact with.

  • GaoLuGaoLu Posts: 1,367

    Interesting question. Thinking about it I find myself creating parameters here and there and defending my reason for doing so. So for now, I will try to cast those off. Perhaps because I identify as a Pilgrim (and look a little bit like one), I think of home as where I am going, not where I am. I love people and like them. My purpose is to engage people wherever they are to hopefully bring hope, joy, courage and invite them closer to God's heart. I have been among just about every denomination of Christians and loved the people there. I have been among Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Shamanists and many others and loved them all. They have all shown love and hospitality.

    I feel most at home in a social circle when 2-3 of us, whoever we are, are gathered in Jesus' name and we join together to worship Him.

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