Christians in Israel

A Christian community in Israel fights to preserve its heritage and identity, while serving in the armed forces to protect the Jewish State that gives them freedom.


  • Dave_L
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    Informative. Jesus taught non-violence and mobility. The early christians always fled violence, never defending worldly kingdoms. So perhaps these are just another part of the world system God uses to protect those who actually follow Christ?

  • C Mc
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    Mitchell said: "A Christian community in Israel fights to preserve its heritage and identity, while serving in the armed forces to protect the Jewish State that gives them freedom."


    Is not Christians in the USA, Germany, Canada, etc., fight in its country's arm-forces? Is there something unusual about this?

    Christians should read Romans 13, when it comes to the state or government:

    Contents: Believer’s attitude toward civil government. Law of love toward neighbors.

    Characters: God, Jesus, Paul.

    Conclusion: Obedience to civil magistrates is one of the laws of Christ whose religion makes people good subjects. Love to our fellow-men is a debt that must always be in the paying, yet always owing, for love is inclusive of all duties and is the image of Christ upon the soul.

    Key Word: Subjection, v. 1, and love, v. 8.

    Strong Verses: 1, 7, 8, 10, 14.

    Striking Facts: v. 14. Victory over the flesh may be always ours through personal dealings with Christ. To “put on Christ” is not imitation of Christ, but appropriation of Him. “Christ liveth in me”—is the victory—and if He has the right of way in us, we will make no provisions for satisfying the flesh.


    1. It's mandated -- Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. 
    2. Reason -- For there is no authority except from God and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 

    Christians, too, have a right to be in Israel, to take part, and to be identified as such and not be lumped in with another group for survival. CM


     Brooks, K. (2009). Summarized Bible: Complete Summary of the New Testament (p. 46). Bellingham, WA

  • Mitchell
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    Good thoughts to ponder over!

  • C Mc
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    Let's go beyond just pondering. Let's make certain that respect, space and recognition for the Messianic Jews are established. Do you agree? CM

  • reformed
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    Really? Are you sure? What about the Roman soldiers in the Gospels when they asked what they should do? Were they told to leave the army? No.

  • Mitchell
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    Long ago I made up my mind regarding the place of יהדות משיחית (Messianic Judaism) , היהדות הרפורמית (reform Judaism), יהדות מסורתית (Masorti Judaism), הנצרות (Christianity), and האסלאם (Islamic faith) in the modern state of Israel. I believe that Religious rights in the modern state of Israel should be protected and defend for all it’s citizens and visitors/guests.

  • Mitchell
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    Partly, however things are made difficult for all five of the groups I mentioned the post of mine you quoted which is in fact why I mentioned them.

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