U. S. Embassy To Jerusalem: Taking Sides or Fulfilling A Promise And History?

Is it a time to celebrate or what? Is there any hope for the "peace process?" Why some Americans can't seem to be happy for Israel? Am I in agreement with the US President, Trump, for once? The timing is a bit off, but he did a right thing. "Even a broken clock is right twice a day." Each country has the right to choose its capital. Welcome to "South Israel!" :D I am concern about the loss of the fifty plus people today. I am sorry. Things can still be worked out with the Palestinians if there is the will. What say ye? CM


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    I agree that it was the right thing to do because we do not choose their capital, they do.

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    Trump seems to have submitted to his son in law with certain decisions he recently made ... the Anglo/Zioinst empire (who most likely also did finance some of his election campaign in the background) are "cashing in" now .... Sheldon Adelson, Kushner co-operatives, etc

    As far as the will to work out things ... there is only the will of the dictators who are showing clearly what their ideas are ...they are maintaining the largest open-air concentration camp and execute those on the inside who protest against the Nazi regime holding them prisoner
    For the opening of the US embassy, the Anglo/Zionist regime presented 53 dead and 2400 wounded Palestinians as their gift (among them many women and children), unarmed protesters who were killed by Israeli sharp-shooters because "they had come to close to the - concentration camp - fence".

    A look back on the decades before the English and British empire started their evil campaign in the middle east will tell anyone interested that there were previously concepts and ideas of peaceful living together by Jews, Palestinians, Arabs, etc ... until the British (Rothschild, Milner and cohorts) decided that the empire must decide things there ....

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    @C_M_ said:
    Why some Americans can't seem to be happy for Israel?

    To which Israel are you referring? Many (or even most?) Christians not only in the USA are duped into thinking that the modern Anglo/Zionist empire's construction - the modern day state "Israel" - has something to do with the Bible and a supposed fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

    That state has nothing whatever to do with Biblical Israel and has been an instrument to cause havoc in the Middle East for almost a century now, starting with the treacherous so-called British "Balfour declaration" .... with which the British started to play the Jews against the Arabs in the Middle East in order to maintain their influence and power in the region

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    I believe Wolfgang is right in saying today's "Israel" is not in any way biblical Israel. The Church is. But I think Palestinian Christians, as with Christians anywhere should not defend worldly governments, but submit to whatever government God brings into power, good or bad. Or leave the region.

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