Biblical Calendar: Its Origin--Who Used What, When, and How Long?

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This topic required sober thinking, deep reflection, and analysis.

From the days of creation, what was the first calendar? How did we get to what we have today? How many of the questions below can you accurately and historically answer? Can you establish the**** days and the calendars?

Scholarly resources, illustrations, and synthesis would be most helpful.

  1. Did the Jews did use the Julian or the Gregorian calendars?
  2. What calendar exited? Why? How did the calendars differ?
  3. Does God have a yearly calendar?
  4. Which calendar did Moses use?
  5. When was it established? How did it work?
  6. What calendar used during the life of Christ and how long was it used?
  7. On which day was Jesus crucified? Which year?
  8. Who changed the calendar and when?
  9. Did the Pope invent the Gregorian calendar or simply adjust what had been used by the pagan Romans?
  10. Which day was number one on the pagan calendar?
  11. What is the World Calendar? Who is promoting it?
  12. What are the Calendar Units (in the Hebrew economy)?
  13. What are the Hebrew Calendation Principles?

What are the three kinds of calendars in use? CM

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