The Holy Spirit: An Abstract Force or A Divine Being?

C Mc
C Mc Posts: 4,463


There are several threads in CD on the Holy Spirit. However, is there a consensus to its nature, intelligence, and Being? Let's settle it. Let the Bible speak its truth as God reveals and "Holy men" wrote under inspiration.

Make your case for truth and enlighten darkened minds. There is much power to be had, wisdom, knowledge, and support for all in their Christian journey.

Yes, @Keep_Smiling_4_Jesus, your long quotes and resources are welcome! They add value to the conversation, even if they are not my preference. Truth must take her rightful place in all forms like a shining star in the darkened skies and as diamond sparkles in the light.

The Bible remains the standard or the primary source for any knowledge of God in dealing with issues of divinity. CM

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