The New "Vatican Versions" of the Bible: Simplification or Manipulation?

C Mc
C Mc Posts: 4,463

Have you ever wondered why there are so many versions of the Bible and no end in sight of new coming on the market? Is there a grand scheme behind this proliferation of the new version?

Start your discovery with the New "Vatican Versions" of the Bible.

  • What's the purpose?
  • Are they to help the modern reader or control thoughts or biased interpretations?
  • What justifications does the "Vatican" get for such a relentless and possible financial drive for its new Versions?
  • Where and when will it stop?

Is Vatican's quest with its new versions a subtle worldwide method of brainwashing people to influence future generations?

  • Is the rest of Christendom a part of this? If not, why are they so silent?

Do you see a pattern, or is it a misunderstanding? CM

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