Catholic Sex Crimes Continues! When or who will stop them?

God, please come to the rescue of your children! The RCC is a cancel on mainstream religion (some call an overgrown "cult") around the world. Believe it or not, there are serious "Allegations against Canadian Cardinal", from 2008-2010. A prominent Canadian cardinal, (Ouellet), is named in a class action sexual assault lawsuit against the Quebec Diocese. To add insult to injury, Canadian cardinal, Ouellet, was called back to Rome and was promoted. This man works closely with the current Pope. Who is safe in the RCC? CM


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    It's getting worse! The RCC is out of control! Vatican cardinal among 88 clergy members named in sexual assault lawsuit against Quebec diocese. Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who is regarded as a potential successor to Pope Francis, is on a list of clergy facing allegations of sexual assault.

    Over the years some 300,000 children have been abused by priests. Truly, the foxes are in charged of the hen house. CM

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