Update: The RCC "Holy House -- A Cesspool of Deviancy"

Proof: On the RCC, Sexual assaults and crimes on the vulnerable, children, and the innocent. See the entire article below from BishopAccountability.org The article is from one who knows, recently released, title: "Farewell letter from a whistleblower to former fellow priests"

See my past articles in CD for background to appreciate current post:

I said in the article below: "Some in CD took issues with me for calling the RCC a "Holy House" -- A "Cesspool of Deviancy". A sad confirmation of a destructive truth... Unfortunately, the carnage of sexual crimes exists then and continues today through active serving, unidentified, Pedophile Priests. A day of justice will come. The wheels of justice may grind slowly but her work is effective. Remain hopeful".

Though the years passed nothing seem to have changed. Oh, our children are still not safe in the hands of the RCC and those who suppose to give oversight. Lord, hear our prayers! CM

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