Curiosity and the Cat DDoS

TruthTruth Posts: 521

I noticed that on occasions, this site becomes temporarily unavailable. I might presume this is Azure space--so downtime is unlikely.

I recall reading near the end of the old .com site (using Wayback) that something similar seemed to happen to take it down. Oddly, then, a person gone "quiet" seemed to be suspect.

I am not a computer person, but I do have a brain. I have no idea what it means, but I am prone to detecting details.


  • JanJan Posts: 300

    No, this was no DDoS. I've not found the root cause yet. The web server simply becomes unresponsive until I restart it. It's not been happening again now for a couple of days, after I applied all the latest patches. Let's hope it's resolved.

    I do have some basic protection against DDoS attacks. So unless someone launches a major attack with a lot of force, the site should be fine. It's not Azure space either, but a virtual server in a data center somewhere near Seattle, with a provider where I can be sure that they don't collect any data and share it with NSA.

  • TruthTruth Posts: 521

    Glad that is resolved. Thanks.

  • JanJan Posts: 300

    It's not resolved 😟

    I'm back from vacation tomorrow evening, and will look into the issue thoroughly as soon as possible. Same goes for the flagged discussions.

  • JanJan Posts: 300

    Issue is resolved for good. The server was configured to handle no more than 200 concurrent visitors at a time (on all my websites in total). Whenever that number was exceeded (which happened a lot recently), all sites went down, including this one.

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