The Hidden Treasure of the Watchtower

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"Why hidden?" you well may ask.

The GB (Governing Body_: the elders' manual, Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock.

The majority of Witnesses are unaware, however, that Witness elders are given an additional serving of "spiritual food" by the Governing Body: the elders' manual, Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock. Jehovah's Witnesses with access to the Internet are now being asked the following questions: Why has the Society written a book so secret that the majority of dedicated Witnesses are unaware of its existence? What makes this book so dangerous to the "faithful and discreet slave?"

Restrictive circulation of some literature is a long-standing Watchtower policy. For example, individuals must prepare for baptism as Jehovah's Witnesses before they are given the regulatory manual, Organized to Accomplish Our Ministry. Witnesses lead prospective members through a carefully orchestrated survey of current Watchtower teachings. The proselytes are shielded from the complete list of ordinances and organizational stipulations until they have dedicated their lives to service for the Society.

The Governing Body engaged in even greater information control by limiting circulation of Pay Attention... only to Society leaders. This effectively cast a veil of secrecy over the manual so dense that only the allegedly illegal action of Internet publication allowed public access to this secret document.



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