Labels Jesus used

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What labels did Jesus use?

  • dogs
  • pigs
  • snakes
  • devils
  • blind fools
  • hypocrites
  • child of Hell

What more labels can you think of?

When should we use labels?

When should we not use labels?

If we use labels, how should we use them?


  • @Truth December 30 What more labels can you think of?

    Bible Search idea (in Logos OR Verbum Bible Software) is looking in American Standard Version Words of Christ for ([field words-of-christ] blessed OR you OR ye OR your OR outside OR woe OR whosoever OR called)

    Keep Smiling 😊

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    What a blessing to see how many times the label "Blessed" appears! Thanks. Everything in me wants to cling to positive labels.

    Yet, like we have deprecatory Psalms, we also have many negative labels.

    Below is a more comprehensive list. I indicated positive labels in bold.

    Blessed (Mat 5:3-12)

    Enemies (Mat 5:44)

    Pagans (Mat 5:47)

    Hypocrites (Mat 6:2)

    Thieves (Mat 6:20)

    Dogs (Mat 7:6)

    Pigs (Mat 7:6)

    Evil (Mat 7:11)

    False prophets (Mat 7:15)

    Foolish man (Mat 7:26)

    Dead (Mat 8:22)

    Sick (Mat 9:12)

    Sinners (Mat 9:13)

    Sheep (Mat 10:16)

    Wolves (Mat 10:16)

    Children (Mat 11:16)

    Wicked generation (Mat 12:39)

    Blind guides (Mat 15:14)

    Unclean (Mat 15:20)

    Lost sheep (Mat 15:24)

    Satan (Mat 16:24)

    Stumbling block (Mat 16:24)

    Unbelieving generation (Mat 17:17)

    Perverse generation (Mat 17:17)

    Heathen (Mat 18:17)

    Pagan (Mat 18:17)

    Publican (Mat 18:17)

    Murderers (Mat 22:7)

    Blind (Mat 23:17)

    Fools (Mat 23:17)

    Blind guides (Mat 23:24)

    Blind Pharisees (Mat 23:26)

    Whitewashed tombs (Mat 23:27)

    Serpents (Mat 23:27)

    Brood of vipers (Mat 23:33)

    Cursed (Mat 25:41)

    Unclean (Mark 7:23)

    Sinful generation (Mark 8:38)

    Adulterous generation (Mark 8:38)

    Evil man (Luke 6:45)

    Unbelieving (Luke 9:41)

    Perverse (Luke 9:41)

    Foolish people (Luke 11:39)

    Lamp (John 5:35)

    Friends (John 5:14)

    Servants (John 5:15)

    Devil (John 6:70)

    Robbers (John 10:8)

    Branches (John 15:5)

    Sanctified (John 17:19)

    Lambs (John 21:15)

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