Is Religion Just Another Big Business?

Have you noticed that many religions appear to be more focused on making money than on providing spiritual guidance? 

  • An investigation revealed that one Catholic bishop over a period of 13 years used church funds to pay for nearly 150 trips on private jets and some 200 limousine rides. He also spent well over four million dollars on renovations to his church residence.
  • A preacher in one African country regularly holds religious services with tens of thousands of attendees. His large church complex sells all kinds of merchandise—from “miracle oil” to branded towels and T-shirts. While most who attend are poor, he is extremely wealthy.
  • Two of China’s four sacred Buddhist mountains are publicly-listed companies. And the famous Shaolin Temple is involved in many commercial projects—its abbot is popularly known as the “CEO monk.”
  • Divinity consultants are beginning to appear in corporate America. According to one report, they borrow from religious tradition to design sacred rituals and provide other spiritual services for their clients.

Religion soon to be Destroyed! Jesus told his followers never to seek financial profit from their religious activities. He said: “You received free, give free.” (Matthew 10:8

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