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Please fill out the following information and indicate why you believe you should be nominated for this position.


Date: (Date’s age/phone number/email/good looking or not)

Age and RMA (relative maturity age):


List all organs that control you such as Pope, Watchtower, Fear, Therapist, Thyroid, etc., etc.:

Denomination (positions held):

Saved (Yes/No/Other):

Political Affiliation (include last president you voted for):

Forum aliases used (list all):

IQ (1-10):

Rate honesty (1-3):

Kindness (1-3)

Fairness Quotient (and how derived):

Writing sample of disciplinary action against forum enemies:

Education (1-3)

Debate class teacher’s name:

Self-evaluation of fitness for this forum (10,000 words or less, please use lots of Google links as proof):

List of at least 20 personal references (no family members):

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