Gog of Magog...

Gog of Magog...

Gog of Magog in the Book of Ezekiel represents Satan's Entire Political system of things. It is Pre- Millennial. Once the Great Tribulation starts, Jesus separates the sheep and goats and then he turns his attention towards Satan's Entire Political system of things. Christ Millennial Reign actually begins at Armageddon, the Revelation Phase of his Presence. You can study the three phases of Christ Return to help with Spiritual Insight.

Satan's Earthly Organization has many facets and allies that work in its behalf to starve, maim, and kill anyone who refuses to receive its mark. "It puts under compulsion all people—the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves—that these should be marked on their right hand or on their forehead,  and that nobody can buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name." (Rev 13:16)

Soon, Gog of Magog will be no more.... and Satan and his hordes abyssed. After the 'time limit' of the thousand years comes to its end, Satan is released from the abyss and influences mankind once again to take on a rebellion. Those who reject Jehovah's Sovereignty as expressed by Christ and the 144,000 will gather Worldwide.

Gog and Magog comes about, as It is Post- Millennial. The conquest of Jesus Christ isn't over just yet, the War of Almighty God continues: "Now as soon as the 1,000 years have ended, Satan will be released from his prison, and he will go out to mislead those nations in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Maʹgog, to gather them together for the war. The number of these is as the sand of the sea." (Rev 20:7-8)

"And they advanced over the whole earth and encircled the camp of the holy ones and the beloved city. But fire came down out of heaven and consumed them." (Rev 20:9) "And the Devil who was misleading them was hurled into the lake of fire and sulfur, where both the wild beast and the false prophet already were; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever." (Rev 20:10)

'Next, the end, when he hands over the Kingdom to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing all government and all authority and power.' (1 Corinthians 15:24) It's at this point that, Jesus Christ can once again make the claim, "It has been accomplished!" He will have finished his conquest to the full, bringing mankind back to perfection as to the time of Adam and Eve's perfect condition prior to their willful sinning.... Please act today and be sure to visit Jehovah's Witnesses Official Website.

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  • C McC Mc Posts: 4,428

    @BroRando did you read the May 2015 Study Edition of your text before posting above? Weren't their changes by the WT on this topic? e.g.

    "For many years, our publications have explained that the name Gog of Magog refers to Satan after he was thrown out of heaven."

    It's the publications' fault? Who wrote books? 

    "So we understood that Gog must be another name for Satan.  However, there were some problems with this explanation." 

    The Watchtower, you belove Organization said on the topic:

    "But how could Satan, who is an invisible spirit creature, be eaten by birds and wild beasts? How could he be buried on earth? The Bible clearly shows that Satan will be thrown into the abyss for 1,000 years. He will not be eaten or buried."

    "But if Satan is Gog, this means that Satan would have to mislead himself."

    It seems that JW/WTBT are constantly finding "problems" with their prior explanations. Is this a sign that something was broken for the last 140 years? How is one supposed to know there are no problems with your explanations of the thousands of other Bible verses you claimed to know the truth?

    Is it a lack of scholarship or a religious sleight of hand to recruit or mislead why they are any number of Bible verses and, searching their publications, one could find three or more different "explanations" for the same verse, all contradictory, all written by the same divinely chosen 'faithful slave'.

    • Matthew 24:34
    • Matthew 24:45-47 
    • Romans 13--multiple explanations for just a handful of verses. 

    If you are inclined to do so, tell me, @BroRando, how many changes have JWs made in the past 10-15 years? CM

  • You're a member of God of Magog that will soon be destroyed by Jehovah.

    Visit JW.org Get Accurate Answers to Your Questions. Bible is in over 120 (tongues) and over 1,070 languages of Bible Literature.

  • C McC Mc Posts: 4,428

    The JWs Governing Body said:

    For a number of years, our publications have explained that Gog of Magog is the name given to Satan the Devil after his ouster from heaven. This explanation was based on the fact that the book of Revelation identifies Satan the Devil as the leader of the worldwide attack on God's people. (Rev. 12:1-17) So it was thought that Gog must be another prophetic name for Satan.

    However, that explanation raised some important questions. But how can Satan mislead Gog if he himself is Gog? Therefore, "Gog" does not refer to Satan in either Ezekiel's prophecy or the book of Revelation.

    Who, then, is Gog of Magog? To answer that question, we need to search the Scriptures to find out who attacks God's people. Do these represent separate attacks? Not likely. The Bible is no doubt referring to the same attack under different names. Why can we draw that conclusion?

    When we compare all these Scriptural references about the final attack on it becomes evident that the name Gog of Magog refers, not to Satan, but to a coalition of nations. Will this coalition be led by the figurative "king of the north"? We cannot say with any certainty. But this thought does seem to be in harmony with what Jehovah says about Gog.

    But who is referred to as "Gog and Magog" at Revelation 20:8? It seems fitting, then, that all those rebels at the end of the Millennium be called "Gog and Magog." 

    As keen students of God's Word, we wait with eager anticipation  to see who in the near future  will assume the role of "the king of the north."

    So, I ask you, @BroRando, who is Gog of Magog mentioned in the book of Ezekiel, the old or the new version? Please spare me the website dump.

    Do you accept their explanation? Did you personally study the subject matter, if not then, now? Is this where you and your family want to be? For decades you have been taught and taught others. When will the JWs get it right? Is this "new light or new lies"? CM


    • JW/ WBTS -- May 15th, 2015 WT (regular Study Edition)

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