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I have been using a picture of someone, I think it is Jonathan Edwards, for my "white face" profile picture.

Someone told me that he owned black slaves. I am not pulling down any statues of him, and I forgive him, but I also don't think his face is appropriate for me.

I am going back to my other face. Apologies for any confusion.


On another note, it seems that JW's really do have it in for blacks.

Just as Blacks are targeted, encouraged to kill their own babies by abortion, so blacks are targeted away from real YHWH to be seduced by the flimsy "little god" shamefully named "Jesus" by JW's.

Here is an interesting UCLA scientific study on this oppressive JW practice.

Here is a book by a respected writer Dr. Carr on the oppression and abuse of blacks by JW's.

More about Dr. Firpo W. Carr here:


[Please, Bill, stop defending JW abuse of blacks--especially in these forums. No, I won't tattle tale on you or be your bossy mother like you do to others here, but I am making a heart-felt appeal to you,]

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    • You can always use your natural face if you can't find a substitute "profile picture." This I am sure will be appropriate, if you choose to do so.
    • No "Apologies for any confusion" for changing "profile picture." It's the content of your posts that matters over the profile tag. Make sure they represent you accurately.

    As for JW's and blacks, are you citing history or current practice? If you are saying, "blacks are targeted away from real YHWH to be seduced by the flimsy "little god" shamefully named "Jesus" by JW's," this is not news. So are the "Whites" (Caucasoid) race and others:

    • Australoid (Australian Aborigine and Papuan) race.
    • Capoid (Bushmen/Hottentots) race.
    • Mongoloid (Oriental/Amerindian) race.
    • Alaska Native, Asian, and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.
    • Hispanic or Latino: Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American.
    • Even the Germanic (or Teutonic) people (@Wolfgang's Germany), etc., and anyone who doesn't know better.

    Am I missing something? Where in these forums @Bill_Coley are "defending JW abuse of blacks"? Have you misread or mistaken @Bill_Coley for someone else? An emphatic warning of such, @Truth, you must have more than just speculations or hunches. Carrying tag-name "Truth," peace must accompany him. CM

    PS. Your reference materials look promising. I will check it out in more detail later.

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    I think that if you review the studies and documentation, you may find that Blacks are disproportionately targeted by JW's due to the challenges and disadvantages they face because of skin color. I am not providing links to specifics because "JW's targeting blacks" is the headlines of the studies and books for which I did provide links. We can disagree with the authors, but I don't.

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    I missing something? Where in these forums @Bill_Coley are "defending JW abuse of blacks"? Have you misread or mistaken @Bill_Coley for someone else

    Nope. The real Bill. I’m sure he will readily admit it (or ignore it in shame). I don’t have a link handy because I’m on my phone. Bill defended the JW documentation of black oppression by hedging in sideways saying it was historical and that all “Christians” are all equally guilty.

    Do you really think Bill is speaking truth?

    And for the record, every official Watchtower statement is technically historical, but some of those statements weren’t made very long ago—well within our memories. I know how it feels to hear them fresh

    In fact, I find no record of JW’s rescinding any of their official Watchtower writings against blacks. I’d love to be wrong. perhaps the resident JW Bot can help with that.

    I understand that JW’s fundamentally carry Bill’s water so admitting JW oppression of blacks is repugnant to him.

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